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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is it safe to book online with Champions-Travel?
Our booking systems are PCI DSS compliant, including 3D Secure & 3rd Man Security.  This is the highest level available and involves powerful fraud screening tools.


2. What is included in the cost?
Included in the cost is your seated match ticket plus the accommodation which you have selected for your stay.  If you have selected any of our hospitality options then please refer to the description of what is included for each individual club.


3. Do I need a valid passport?
Yes, you will need a passport for travel.  Although Champions-Travel do not deal with any aspect of your travel itinerary, we would like to advise that it will be the sole responsibility of each individual to make sure they have a full, valid passport and visa as required for their selected dates of travel.


4. What documents do I need to take with me?
You will need to take your hotel voucher and match ticket with you.  You will receive these via post.  In a case where you are travelling from overseas or within 2 weeks of travel then you will receive your hotel voucher only and you match ticket will be ready for collection at your accommodation.


5. What is the minimum age for making a booking with Champions-Travel?
You must be 18+ to make a reservation on this system; you will confirm that you are over this age as part of the booking conditions. 


6. Can I buy a match ticket only?
No, under no circumstances do we sell ticket only for any games.


7. Do children and infants need a match ticket?
Yes, if you are travelling with a child or infant then they will need a match ticket, Infants do not get a seat but still require a ticket for entry to any game.


8. Are there any discounts for infants and children in the accommodation rates?
Yes, generally infants are at no extra cost in the accommodation and if the accommodation offers child rates then this is passed onto the client direct.


9. Do I need travel insurance?
Champions-Travel advises very strongly that you do purchase travel insurance for any trip which you may undertake. 


10. Can I pay by cash or cheque?
No, Champions-Travel only accepts credit card payments.


11. What happens after I submit my details to make a reservation?
After you have chosen your preferred hotel and game, you will receive your confirmation number.  This will include all your booking details.  If you have any questions after you receive your confirmation then you can email us with your confirmation number and query.


12. I want to make a booking within 2 weeks of travel is this possible?
You will be able to email an enquiry with your booking request details; this will all be on a request basis only. We will reply to you within 24 hours with confirmation where possible.  If we do have the allocation which you have requested then you hotel confirmation will be emailed to you directly.  For posting of match tickets please refer to section 15.


13. I have a confirmed booking but now am unable to travel, do I get a refund?
All match tickets are non-transferable and non refundable, cancellation policies for each hotel differ and therefore a refund for the hotel depends on the date and policy of the hotel.


14. What happens when I email an enquiry?
We will endeavour to reply to all email enquiries of any nature within 24hours. Email enquiries which are received after 4pm on a Friday will be replied to on the next working day during office hours. 


15. How do I get my match tickets if I book within 2 weeks of travel?
We can post to the U.K. up to the Tuesday before the game with next day delivery.  We can post up to the Monday before the game for the Republic of Ireland.  For the Rest of the World we will send your match tickets directly to the hotel for peace of mind.


16. Will I know which area in the stadium I will be in before I arrive?
Yes, we will be able to advise of the area upon confirmation, unfortunately once confirmed these can not be changed and maybe anywhere in the home section of the area you have selected.


17. Can I stay an extra night?
Yes, you can book an extra night for your stay, you may email us with your enquiry this will be on a request basis.
18. What are your office hours?
Our office hours are Mon – Fri from 9a.m. – 5p.m.  During this time we do experience a high volume of calls and therefore advise that if you can access the website then you should go ahead and book online where possible.


19. Can I book over the phone?
Yes, you can book over the phone.


20. Can I amend my booking once I have confirmed the details online?
Yes, you can amend the booking where necessary.  An amendment fee will be applied depending on the changes needed.


21. What does long-side and short side mean?
Long-side – This is seats along the side of the pitch.
Short-side – This is seats behind the goals area.


22. Can I pay a deposit or is full payment due at the time of booking confirmation?
Full payment is payable for any booking which is showing available to book on the website.  If you make an enquiry via email and wish to put a hotel on request within two weeks of travel then a non-refundable deposit of €50 per person will be applicable.  This deposit will be fully refundable if we are unable to confirm your hotel.


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